DOTS Theory


We will identify together your WHY and look at Where, Who and What is your message. Based on the discovery, I will help you move forward with your Why and work with the How to Fascinate product to develop the best communication and anthem.


Look at the long term goals using a 12 week success plan. Developing a program together with a road-map for success.


There are different tools we will look at to help you develop prospects and centers of influence. Work with the Outconnecting product, develop campaigns and use the product to develop better relationships. Work with LinkedIn and other social media tools.


Develop your skills, systems and sales process along with looking at a marketing plan and sales material. Organization and time development are key components to growth. Develop networking skills that will bring long term relationships.

I will give assignments to help develop the skills and offer suggestions for reading and learning more. Also providing tools that will be in a special place on my website and emailed before each call or meeting. Accountability will be a must in order to have the best results.


Certified Trainer for Fascinate and Outconnecting

How to Fascinate

Introducing the first personality test that measures how others perceive you at your best. Make a better first impression, with your most influential traits.

Create the marketing copy to describe yourself and your company authentically and persuasively.


Email Follow Up - Sales Tools - Automated Campaigns, Opt-In Forms, Contact Manager.
Create stunning, branded messages to make a powerful connection and the right impression in-box. Including printed cards, message library and message tracking.

Best Self Journal


Boost your productivity and accomplish your goals with the help of the Best Self Planner. A simple tool to help you systematically achieve more:

  • Creating a roadmap to achieve your goals
  • Having a zero-based time schedule, so planning for your entire day, even the free time
  • Prioritizing your days to be more productive
  • Remaining flexible (the journal is self-dated so no empty pages while you’re on vacation
  • Tracking and Reflection-practicing habits and reflecting on wins and losses
  • Positivity-each day starts and ends with gratitude