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What stands between you and success?      
Ready to take your business to the next level?
Do you know how to get there? 

Finding the Fortune is the quintessential guide to effectively use follow-up as a sure fire vehicle for finding success. For salespeople, business owners, entrepreneurs, and those looking to build meaningful and potent connections, this fun and insightful read provides practical, winning solutions. 

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Finding the Fortune
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Get Up, Get Dressed, and Get Out the Door!

How difficult can it be to start a new business or run one every day?
So many have taken the plunge and yet very few make it to the top. 

Those that have had this success have several things in common. They have to know procrastination thinking, the get out the door fortitude, and a dream with big determination. They also know it starts with the basics. 

It is my opinion that everything starts with the basics. No matter what the task is, a basic method must be followed to have great success. There are millions of self help books written about theories and systems. I want to open the doors for you by giving some down to earth, easy basics that can help you move forward, get you out the door and on the road to success. 

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Get Up, Get Dressed, and Get Out the Door!
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