Trick or Treat?

As we come into the fall season and close to the end of the year, it seems that everyone comes out of the woodwork to network...

Setting up coffee can be either a "trick or treat!" There are those who trick us into getting together and then spend the time trying to sell us their products or services. They are desperate for sales because of quotas they must meet. Watch out here comes the pitch!

On the other hand it is such a treat meeting with someone and the first thing out of their mouth is, " tell me about yourself and how we can work together, let me see who I know that can help you find what you want."

Think about how you are bringing value. Who are you bringing to meetings to build your credibility?  Who are you recommending? It really isn't hocus pocus it is practice. John Maxwell says " Practice isn't perfect, it is permanent." How much have you practiced lately?

Don't be a scaredy-cat!  Take the scary out of your connecting today!

Jean MacDonald, DTM Master Connector, Marketing Innovator & All- Around Fun Gal