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Enough is Enough

Full speed ahead or not ~ Are you ready to take the leap??
Are you mad enough, sad enough, tuff enough, tired enough or fed up enough to change?

~ Enough is Enough ~
The ideas are flowing from everywhere.  We are told to do this, try this, change this blah blah blah.  Well maybe you are not ready.  Maybe you will try, get frustrated, run out of steam and quite.

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December Thoughts

I saw this information written by Jason Dorsey a year ago.  I love the big thinker idea.  Over the years I have always sought out big thinkers in my industry and it has given me ideas to grow and achieve more.

Step 1.

Find the #1 "thinker" in your industry and sign up or download every free resource they offer online. Then do the same with the leading thinker in your specific functional area, such as sales marketing or management. This one step gives you cutting-edge insights direct to your smartphone - no chalkboard necessary.

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