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July Door Opener

Are you a Travel Agent or a Tour Guide?
By Jean MacDonald, DTM

It's that time of year and the thought of getting away is on our minds.  For some it could be day trips or packing everyone up and going to the beach or the mountains.  For others it could be an adventure across the country or around the world.  These longer trips take a lot of planning.
Did you use a travel agent to help you plan this trip? Everyone walks into a travel agency with a clear idea of where they’d like to go on holiday, so one of your main roles as a travel agent is to give well-informed, appropriate advice to clients about where and when to travel based on their needs. So if they hate hot weather, don't send them to Australia in the summer...

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June Door Opener

"Busy" - The time pursuit!

By Jean MacDonald, DTM

The word “busy” is overused. It becomes an excuse for saying I am not interested in coming, buying or helping.

Truly the word “busy” has been overused and it seems like it is everyone’s middle name.

Why can’t we just use “detained,” “not interested,” “on the way,” “some other time” or blatantly “NO.”

Did I say NO? Most people do not know how to say “no,” and they think that “busy” sounds better and will not hurt someone’s feelings.

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February Door Opener


By Jean MacDonald, DTM

: to be slow or late about doing something that should be done : to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it: to put off intentionally and habitually
Most, if not all of us at some point in time have been guilty of procrastination.  We know we need to make that call or start that project yet for whatever reason, we put it off.  Whether we do this because of poor planning or because it is an unsavory task or just because we would rather do other things, it can lead to added stress, missed deadlines or even worse, the loss of a client or business opportunity.   

I plead guilty to it! Sometimes I want to kick myself for letting things go.  It is something I work on every day and I want to share some tips that have helped me overcome my wandering (I choose this word over procrastination…it just sounds better!)

I work best when I play more.

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