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March Door Opener

Who Inspires you?

By Jean MacDonald,DTM

Who motivates you? Who inspires you?

Have you been to a wonderful seminar, heard a fabulous speaker that lights up the stage, do they motivate or inspire you?  I would hope both but the best is when you not only leave feeling motivated but bring home value that propels you to move forward.  I love to hear someone that tells their story makes me laugh and then brings me to tears. To me that is amazing but I am always looking for a valuable take away that I can use in my life.

I enjoy my library and return to it often to read books I have collected over the years.  My collection is everything from travel, art,wine,biographies,comedy, sales, leadership, fiction and so much more. When in doubt of what to speak about or write about I turn to the masters in my library to give me answers.  

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Moving Forward---and Not In "Just Any Direction"

This article is written by Nicki Schuh of Schuh Business Development Services  Nicki can be contacted at She uses "laser  focus and direction settings" to assist her clients in growing their businesses and achieving success in their lives. Do you ever feel like you’re a gyroscope spinning around and around?  You’re expending a lot of energy and momentum but you still get nowhere--no forward progress.  I call it “spiraling.”  Not always out of control, but just going nowhere!  Not making decisions or not knowing which direction to take.

Stop the Spiraling!

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