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Enough is enough!

Full speed ahead or not ~ Are you ready to take the leap??

Are you mad enough, sad enough, tuff enough, tired enough or fed up enough to change?

~ Enough is Enough ~ `
The ideas are flowing from everywhere.  We are told to do this, try this, change this blah blah blah.  Well maybe  we are not ready.   Maybe we will try, get frustrated, run out of steam and quite.

~ Enough is Enough ~

When we am ready and not a minute sooner then change will happen. True isn't it?

For years I was saying I would earn ...

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August Door Opener

Be the STAR of your show!

By Jean MacDonald, DTM

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

This quote is so true and yet for many of us we are in the comparison mode.  Starting my career in the commercial insurance world was an eye opener. I needed to know how to deal with people, listen, listen, listen and be the best I could be.  My challenge was being young, being in a male dominated industry and learning while I earned.

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