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March Door Opener

Who Inspires you?

By Jean MacDonald,DTM

Who motivates you? Who inspires you?

Have you been to a wonderful seminar, heard a fabulous speaker that lights up the stage, do they motivate or inspire you?  I would hope both but the best is when you not only leave feeling motivated but bring home value that propels you to move forward.  I love to hear someone that tells their story makes me laugh and then brings me to tears. To me that is amazing but I am always looking for a valuable take away that I can use in my life.

I enjoy my library and return to it often to read books I have collected over the years.  My collection is everything from travel, art,wine,biographies,comedy, sales, leadership, fiction and so much more. When in doubt of what to speak about or write about I turn to the masters in my library to give me answers.  

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