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Meeting Once is Nice, Twice is Great, Building Relationships is Priceless!

It is just amazing when you meet with someone for coffee to discuss mutual business and the conversation is all about them. It seems that no business gets discussed and you leave the table empty-handed.

The next thing I hear is the other person never gives any referrals. Time and again I hear this. People come to me complaining about so-and-so never giving referrals or leads. They get all the referrals because it is easy to refer to them, but why don’t they give any referrals?

The realization is maybe they don’t know HOW! Maybe you didn’t ask in the right way. Don’t expect them to refer themselves, maybe ask who do they know. Educate them with a story of success you have had in the past. Paint a clear picture of what or who you want to be connected with.

Are you amazed that your phone does not ring?

Do you wonder why people are not calling asking you for advice or referrals? Maybe they don’t know how to ask, or they think that you really are not a very good source for connections.

Are you that complainer that is looking but never volunteers to help? Are you out in the community making a difference, or are you sitting in your office waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for that next referral to just pop in your office?

Get up, get dressed and get out and set up those cups of coffee.  See who you can help today.

In the pages that follow, is a list of questions that has helped me identify how to look for business for others. Study this list, practice it, make it yours.

Also, I always carry a spiral notebook. In it, I date when I met a person, take notes about them and what they are looking for. Then I send them an email to let them know I will make the connections or possibly refer them to someone in the same field that may be able to help.

Networking is like golf -- 10% really get it and are good at it. Like golf, you need to practice. Sometimes in golf you will hit a great shot that makes you feel so good, and sometimes with networking you can really help someone else if you are willing to listen.

Listen, reach out and help, then find the key
that connects you to the leads and referrals.

Does this take time and effort? You bet it is time-consuming. But think of all the wonderful people you are meeting and all the credibility that you are developing for yourself.

The more you give, the more abundance you will receive.  This is not just money, but terrific friends, heartfelt notes of appreciation and so much more.

Not sure how to start the conversation? Click on the "DOTS" page of this website and enter the password fortune for coffee conversations

Coffee Trivia

In Africa coffee beans are soaked in water mixed with spices and served as candy to chew.

Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world today producing over 44 million bags of coffee each year.

The U.S. is the largest coffee consuming country in the world, estimating 400 million cups per day. (Hopefully not Styrofoam cups)

There are 65 countries in the world that grow coffee and they are all along the equator.

In 1675 Charles II, King of England issued a proclamation banning Coffee Houses. He stated Coffee Houses were places where people met to plot against him.

Where are you headed for that next cup of Coffee or Tea?

Community coffee houses and small eatery’s are showing up in towns and cities all over the country. Yes, there are the franchises that have drive-thrus, specialty drinks and are the same everywhere and I mean everywhere. I have traveled around the country, to China, Canada and Europe and it is the same duplication of the brand. Nothing wrong with this when you want that duplicated fix.

Why not try a local shop?   In my travels this summer I have made it my mission to stop at the one of kind fun shops those small, quaint, unique coffee houses that are never the same from city to city. Delicious pastries, warm cinnamon buns, awesome cookies, exotic teas, wonderful coffee and a warm friendly smile not only from the people behind the counter but from the people hanging out having their morning brew.

I made it my mission to find the common tread when visiting these one of a kind shops. What is this tread…
They love their shops and are there to entice you to come back with the smell of their baked goods, their community involvement, talented musicians, writing groups, art classes, games, puzzles and the list goes on.

Why am I writing this? Yes we all love convenience and there endless franchise coffee places but supporting the hometown specialty shops is my kind of choice.  When was the last time you stopped into a local shop?

Here is one of my favorites:
Mischief Brewing, 625 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville, Il.  

So much more then a typical coffee shop!  Pop by and
add a piece to the puzzle that is on the table.  Sunday is art lessons,
Saturday night local musicians.  Artisan crafts for sale, special seasonal bake goods and so much more.

What is brewing your your town? I will be doing fireside chats with local business owners at this location in the month of November.

Watch my youtube channel to see the shop and hear from business owners.

Join us on October 8, 2014

Hampton Inn, Libertyville, Il

7:30am to 11:30am
Get back to the basics and
use the tools for success

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Jean MacDonald