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By Jean MacDonald, DTM

10 things I reflected on in 2013
Forgotten Dreams
Less procrastination
Being proactive
Preparing a road map to success every day
Building credibility
Building strong relationships
Being outrageously creative
Doing what I love to do

It has been an eye opening year for me.  A metamorphosis realizing that all the things I have learned over the years, I needed to take those skills and talents and put them to good use.  I  needed to ramp up my game and play to WIN.  Developing a sense of urgency knowing time does not stop, using and enjoying every minute.  I stuck my neck out and learned some new things, along with reading, writing and speaking more.  I finally realized how critical it is to be healthy, exercising my body and brain which gives me more energy and clearer thinking.  Learning from others, asking what my children think, teaching my grandchildren and mentoring others.  Where did the year go?  As we get older time flies, when we are children time does not move fast enough.

May I challenge you to reflect?  Sit with a sheet of paper, write done those things you can reflect on. Take the time to look back on what worked or didn't work this past year?  What needs to change, what you promised yourself, what you should have done and didn't? Take some time to plan your strategy for a stellar year. Best of all have a FUN filled year! Have an attitude of gratitude and help others along your journey.  Like I said, it has been eye opening for me!       

I look forward to staying in touch each month, featuring people who will share their wisdom and give us some things to open new doors.

May 2014 be healthy, happy and prosperous,