October - Network Connect Succeed

Trick or Treat?

As we come into the fall season and close to the end of the year, it seems that everyone comes out of the woodwork to network...

Setting up coffee can be either a "trick or treat!" There are those who trick us into getting together and then spend the time trying to sell us their products or services. They are desperate for sales because of quotas they must meet. Watch out here comes the pitch!

On the other hand it is such a treat meeting with someone and the first thing out of their mouth is tell me about yourself and how we can work together, let me see who I know that can help you find what you want.

This October think about how you are bringing value. Who are you bringing to meetings to bring credibility. Who are you recommending? It really isn't hocus pocus it is practice. John Maxwell says " Practice isn't perfect, it is permanent." How much have you practiced lately?

The photo below reminds me of either the chase or the catch. If we start to really be mindful of our networking, helping others, bringing value the chase is over and we start catching business. Business develops because we help enough people find what they need.

Our listening and follow up has to be impeccable and truly is an art that is learned by having a lot of those "trick or treat" coffee conversations. What can blog talk radio do for you?

BlogTalkRadio is a web-based platform that allows callers to host a live call-in Internet broadcast using a computer and a phone. Also it is a living breathing resume and business card.

Being interviewed by Silver Rae Fox last month was such an enjoyable experience. She takes and interview and turns it into an inner ~ view. Capturing my past, present and future thoughts. Time flies when you talk to her. She has a way with words and a beautiful soothing radio voice to match. Silver Rae combines fun, offering encouragement and she brings the best of the best value to her listeners.

The link below features my talk with Silver Rae Fox.


For more than 35 years, Silver has been empowering others as a personal and professional development coach, instructor, speaker and presenter. Best known formerly by her birth name, Pat Evans, a few years ago she strategically embraced a new business name and branding, Silver Rae Fox, and has since made her professional mark to thousands upon thousands as a popular blog writer and radio host


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