Moving Forward---and Not In "Just Any Direction"

This article is written by Nicki Schuh of Schuh Business Development Services  Nicki can be contacted at She uses "laser  focus and direction settings" to assist her clients in growing their businesses and achieving success in their lives. Do you ever feel like you’re a gyroscope spinning around and around?  You’re expending a lot of energy and momentum but you still get nowhere--no forward progress.  I call it “spiraling.”  Not always out of control, but just going nowhere!  Not making decisions or not knowing which direction to take.

Stop the Spiraling!

First—stop, breathe, clear your mind.  Look at your goals and determine what you can do TODAY that will help meet your goals.  Clear your mind of all the clutter—all the “should dos,” the negative thoughts or self-doubts, the priorities set by others.  Take a walk, exercise, meditate.  Figure out what works best for you.

Yes, you can do any number of things and probably have , but are you really progressing on your goals and implementing actions to achieve them?  Stop the aimless spinning in one place—move in a direction—take a stand—make forward progress.

Get Strategic in Your Thoughts and Direction

I was once told by business coach to write the word “NO” in big letters on a piece of paper, then put it in my business portfolio on top of my calendar.  Then, pull it out every time I start to put something on my calendar or add to my to-do list.  Use it often!  As entrepreneurs we have a tendency to think (and do) several things at once, which causes us to become “diffused” like a light source, spreading out in many directions.

Second—form a business advisory group of three to five people who you believe have a high degree of strategic thought and you respect for their business acumen.  (Make sure you like them as “people,” as well!).  This group of people becomes your advisors and should guide you in clarity of vision, mission, strategic direction and, ultimately, measures of success.  Or join a Mastermind or similarly committed group that assists in direction setting and problem solving.

Be Accountable for Your Own Success!

Take charge of your destiny—have a plan, work the plan, adjust when needed, and celebrate the successes.  No plan is perfect, but continuing to improve your ability to use the planning process, set direction and hold yourself accountable for the essence of the plan (with implementable strategies and tactics) feels powerful and leaves you poised for success.

If you find yourself slipping, hire a business coach.  We all have distinct capabilities and sometimes we need a coach to hold us accountable, point out our inconsistencies and keep us honest.  Their skill is to help us be the BEST we can be.  Goals, timelines and key performance indicators should be the essences of what you discuss each time you meet or talk by phone.  Be open to their coaching and let them do their work. Their coaching techniques are successful only if there is (a) a defined set of goals, (b) we remain honest about progress or lack thereof, and (c) we utilize their expertise to keep our laser-like focus.