Make August your best month!


August can be a tricky month for business. I hear lots of excuses why business is not good slow time of year, people on vacation, Mom's getting kids back to school, no one is responding and it goes on and on.My answer to this is business is never on hold if you are truly in business. This is the time to reenergize get ready for the more productive months. Clean off that desk, go somewhere away from your office and regroup. Look at the lean months as the mean months. What am I trying to say: "If it is meant to be it is up to me." This is a proactive, planning month. . Maybe it is time to "STOP!" Really look at what can drive the traffic to your business. Be "Outrageously Creative!" Study your industry. Know what your competition is doing. If you are not doing this I know your competition is. What can you do different? It may start with getting involved in your community. I tell individuals that if no one knows you how can they do business with you. Play a role in an organization, build your credibility and have fun doing it. Get organized. This is critical to being able to keep up in the months where the business is more productive. What is your system? I discussed last month how to develop connections and keep the flow going all the time. I gave a suggestion to someone the other day of the way I start my month. Cup of coffee, quiet place review my notebook of all the appointments I had. Look at what worked and what didn't. Make a to do list of all the last month meetings that I promised someone something and make those happen first. Regroup with a goal and plan for the new month. What have you got to loose to start the month with a proactive approach? Make it a mean August!