Jean MacDonald featured in Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Caffeine!


As salespeople, if we are not setting ourselves apart and being game changers, we are like all the rest of the many salespeople out there that simply wash, rinse, and repeat.

What does your email look like? Are the emails you send or receive all the same boring stuff? Are you lost when it comes to being creative with your marketing? Do you just blast a newsletter out there once a month, hoping people flock in with responses? On the other hand do you even know if anyone opened your emails or newsletters? When was the last time you sent a printed card? Better yet how many cards have you received this year, thanking you for the great job you did?

Finding Ace of Sales has been more than a game changer for me. It's my master key to unlock responses and relationships. And it's my self-marketing "buddy." I send outrageous emails, dynamic newsletters, and beautiful printed cards. By the way, not only do I send fabulous emails and newsletters but I know when people open them and also know when they go to my links! (Note: then follow up is key.)

For those I have introduced this to, using this tool on a regular basis has brought outstanding results. An illustrator said that she has sold her work because of the email greetings, a mortgage broker told me he is getting noticed and closed 3 deals the other week. A wedding planner told me because her customer was able to see her picture and a beautiful backdrop the agreement was signed.

You may ask, how easy is this to use? I like to say “Fisher-Price simple.” Now the real question, what is the cost? Try it 30 days complimentary and then just $20 a month. WOW! Less than the cost of 4 cups of specialty coffee - no caffeine or calories.

Escape the insanity rut! Let’s be outrageously creative together.