Find the Fortune in the Follow Up


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This week I am rolling out the second book in the business book series, Find the Fortune in the Follow Up. After surveying almost 1000 business people I found the number one challenge in running and maintaining business is follow up, number two time management and number three organization.

This book was written to shed light on the need for effective follow-up strategies and the means to achieve them. It contains the stories of real salespeople, business owners and entrepreneurs, who share the reasons that follow-up, or lack of it, played a role in the successes and disappointments of their diverse careers.

This second book also have a Companion Notebook with tips and ideas to take along on your networking coffees. There are also some wonderful download resources when you order your books.

For more information and to receive the VIP pricing for print and ebook go to: For 10 or more copies please call my office for special pricing.

I appreciate your support and also would appreciate that you would email your friends to help get the word out.   Emailing will help us elevate this book to get noticed in the business community.

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