Even Superheroes Need Sidekicks

This is a chapter from my book “Get Up, Get Dressed and Get Out the Door!”Written by Libby Kozak who has been not only my assistant for 15 years but my right arm in business development and creativity. She is the best of the best side kick! I am so fortunate to work with her.

Doing everything yourself is rarely efficient, or even effective. Whether you’re a superhero or a businessperson, finding the right backup can make it even easier to be the success you’re meant to be.

If you’re just starting out or money is tight, paying someone to help you may seem impractical. But when you stop and think about how many billable or income-producing hours you have in a day or a week, it’s more sensible than you think.

Assemble Your Own Justice League

Review your current to-do list. What tasks recur but don’t get done? Which tasks are best done by someone else? Which tasks get in the way of your getting out the door and getting things done? Those are the tasks best delegated to your support team.

The amount of help and kind of assistance that you need may involve your hiring more than one person, each with specific tasks. Start by finding an assistant to manage business-related issues. The right candidate will be able to work independently once you’ve clearly communicated responsibilities and expectations.

Additionally, you might hire one person to clean your house, another to maintain the lawn and someone else to help with the children. Targeted task delegation allows you to pay the right price for each skill set and increase the likelihood that everything gets done on time and on budget.

Depending on the skill set you require, you may be able to find affordable help easily. Think outside the box – students and stay-home parents may have some under-utilized skills that will help your business thrive. That way you’ll have the backup you need so you can get out the door and be super.

Get Some Help Already and Get Out the Door

Identifying tasks to off load and finding the right people for the job will give you the time and energy to focus on what you do best.

Can you do it all yourself? Absolutely. Is that the best way to spend your time and build your business? Absolutely not. Your goal is to build your business. Support staff makes it easier to do your job. Absolutely!

It’s much easier to be a superhero when a strong, talented team has your back.

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