Enough is enough!

By Jean MacDonald, DTM

Full speed ahead or not ~ Are you ready to take the leap??

Are you mad enough, sad enough, tuff enough, tired enough or fed up enough to change?

~ Enough is Enough ~ `
The ideas are flowing from everywhere.  We are told to do this, try this, change this blah blah blah.  Well maybe you are not ready.   Maybe youwill try, get frustrated, run out of steam and quite.

~ Enough is Enough ~

When you are ready and not a minute sooner then change will happen. True isn't it?

For years I was saying I would earn a Pink Cadillac with Mary Kay Cosmetics. I was a Sales Director earning Grand Am's and yet taking that next leap to planning and doing the work to make the caddy arrive in my driveway just wasn't happening until reality hit and my husband said" Why are you telling everyone you are going to earn that caddy? It is embarrassing." Then he said " What is it that you need to do to finish the production?" It was November 28th,2001 and in order to earn that car I needed to finish by the end of December with $23,000 of production for a total for the past 6 months of $96,000. If it wasn't accomplished then I had to start over in January. He then went on to say " Have you ever done $23,000 in one month?" I said no and he commented "What makes you think you can?" It was that moment and that comment that he made, that made me mad enough to know I would finish and earn that car, and we did! It was the first of several Pink Cadillacs.

It was the decision to sit down map out what I had to do, persevere and get it done. It was the change I had to make to earn the prize. ~enough was enough~

All the ideas are great for goal setting and planning but if we are not ready to change, nothing changes!

All the best to you in the New Year.
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By Susan Romanoski

A nationwide phone scam that took off at the end of last year isn't slowing down, says the IRS and Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. By August, over 90,000 complaints had been received, and it's believed that more than 1,100 victims have lost around $5 million. The IRS shares warning signs, explaining that it never:

  • - Asks for credit card, debit card, or prepaid card info over the phone.
  • - Insists that taxpayers use a specific payment method
  • - Requests immediate payment over the phone.
  • - Takes enforcement action immediately following a phone conversation.
  • - Initiates contact with taxpayers via email or other electronic communications to request personal or financial information.

If you receive a phone call, please do not give out any personal information. Ask for a call back and then call our office.

Susan Romanoski, CPA

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