December - Blustery Thoughts

Don't leave home without it!


By Jean MacDonald, DTM
I thought my title would be a catchy for my “Blustery Thoughts” this month.  So what am I talking about?  As business people we are asked at meetings to tell a little bit about who we are and what we do.  First let me remind you it is 45-60 seconds not on and on and on.  The first 15 seconds is the most important and it is the “WOW” factor that we need to convey.  Too many want to tell us everything, you have lost us at “hello.”

We need a hook, a fun intro, something that leaves us asking more!  Buzzwords or phrases that are meant to catch the listener’s attention.  The goal of the 45- second Me Strategy is to engage the listener. The hook has to reflect your personality.  If you feel uncomfortable with a catchy phrase, do something more sedate. (Come on get over yourself and have fun!)

Here are a few examples that may help you write your own:
"I help you with the wash and shine on your fine ride!"
from a carwash owner and detailer

"I help you put your words on paper and stand out in the crowd!"
from a printer

"I help people find the fortune in the follow up!"
from a sales and marketing representative

So, don’t leave home without that great “WOW” introduction.  Write it out and practice it.
You will build your confidence as you use every opportunity to market yourself.  Most importantly, have fun!

Jean MacDonald