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December Thoughts

I saw this information written by Jason Dorsey a year ago.  I love the big thinker idea.  Over the years I have always sought out big thinkers in my industry and it has given me ideas to grow and achieve more.

Step 1.

Find the #1 "thinker" in your industry and sign up or download every free resource they offer online. Then do the same with the leading thinker in your specific functional area, such as sales marketing or management. This one step gives you cutting-edge insights direct to your smartphone - no chalkboard necessary.

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November Door Openers

"Are you interested to be interesting?"

By Jean MacDonald, DTM

I heard this quote from my son the other day, not sure where he heard it. It made me realize when I go to meet a  prospect or client that I really need to listen. Our instinct is to jump right in when someone offers something. I have also heard it said “ 5 minutes of listening to 1 minute of talking."


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October treats

Don't be a scaredy-cat, phone and follow up phobia is a myth!

By Jean MacDonald

1. Write a script and read it to someone over the phone. You can prepare the script yourself or you can use a prewritten script.

Follow the one that feels the most comfortable. Writing your script down helps the memory process. Now practice with a mirror, smile and reread over and over. This will improve your confidence level.


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May Door Opener

Get out of the slump and get back to the basics!

By Jean MacDonald

This month I am featuring two extraordinary women who are wonderful resources and have helped me recharge my batteries when I am stuck! Who have you worked with lately, that with their creativity have helped you out of a slump?

Bounce back ability! We all have lows and highs in business. Recovery is key, and what we are doing to recover quicker so business does not flounder is important. I was taught several years ago when I was in a slump to STOP everything, take my mind off what was happening and do something for myself. In other words, get my mind off the problem

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April door opener

Fools rush in....are You really there to connect?

By Jean MacDonald

How many events have you attended in the last few months hoping to find the right connection, referral or power partner only to get side tracked with breakfast, lunch or a cocktail?  The business cards feverishly being handed out and sales pitches are the same old, same old tiring messages.

Let me ask you what have you done to change this picture?  Who have you brought to the party to help them and others?  

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March Door Opener

Who Inspires you?

By Jean MacDonald,DTM

Who motivates you? Who inspires you?

Have you been to a wonderful seminar, heard a fabulous speaker that lights up the stage, do they motivate or inspire you?  I would hope both but the best is when you not only leave feeling motivated but bring home value that propels you to move forward.  I love to hear someone that tells their story makes me laugh and then brings me to tears. To me that is amazing but I am always looking for a valuable take away that I can use in my life.

I enjoy my library and return to it often to read books I have collected over the years.  My collection is everything from travel, art,wine,biographies,comedy, sales, leadership, fiction and so much more. When in doubt of what to speak about or write about I turn to the masters in my library to give me answers.  

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